Travel is Back…

August 24, 2022

Taking us back to many moons ago when I discussed REVENGE TRAVEL…well, it is back and with a vengeance!

In case you don’t remember, Revenge Travel is like when you go through a bad breakup and ‘get revenge’ on your ex. Americans are getting ‘even’ with the pandemic (aka our ex that keeps lingering around too long) and finally taking their Revenge Travel to make up for lost time.

A new study found that over half of all Americans plan to travel during the Labor Day holiday travel period this year. Coupled with the fact that many countries and cruise lines have dropped all COVID vaccination and/or pre-testing requirements, making it easier for people to travel.

Where do you plan to take your Revenge Travel?



With all of the increase in travel has certainly come some growing pains. I’m sure you have read the recent headlines about the record high number of airline passengers losing their luggage.

Here are T4T’s top 3 tips to help ease your luggage worries:⁠


This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s worth mentioning as some people are just used to checking bags. Gone is that time as I highly recommend only checking a bag unless you absolutely have to.⁠

2 items that usually put me over the top and require a checked bag:⁠

1) Shoes – All the shoes…really try to think through which shoes you absolutely need and I always wear my sneaks on the plane to free up space in my carry-on⁠

2) Cosmetics – Travel size is your biggest friend here and I know it is annoying to not be able to pack all of your favorite brands but you can do without for a week or so!⁠


If you want to take matters into your own hands and need to check luggage, AIR TAGS are an easy and affordable solution. ⁠

First, make sure you register your AIR TAG to your iPhone prior to your travel. ⁠

Then, simply place an AIR TAG in/on each piece of luggage (regardless if it is checked or carry-on – just in case you have to check your carry-on at the last minute). ⁠

During your travel, use your iPhone’s Find My Network and the AIR TAG will ping your device with its updated location.⁠

Easy peezy!⁠


Every Travel Advisor’s new best friend, LUGGAGE FREE, is a worry-free way to ship your luggage directly from your home to your destination. ⁠

No hassle of lugging your bags into the airport, through customs & security or the airlines misplacing of your bags. ⁠

Bags are delivered right to your doorstep in your destination…now that sounds amazing right?!?⁠