Healthy habits are contagious!

September 7, 2022

One of my top priorities for 2022 was self-care and developing healthy habits throughout my daily life to help the overwhelm of entrepreneurship and motherhood.

After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear (a must read) and much encouragement from my much healthier friend, I decided to make small changes in my daily routine to help me reach an improved lifestyle.

No huge goals or big accomplishments but understanding that repetitive and small changes make a much bigger difference in the end. The goal is to be healthier not run this marathon or lose x number of pounds, just healthier.

So, I have adjusted my daily schedule to accommodate 5:30am workout sessions 5 days a week. And block timing my work so that I can take short 10 minute breaks to help focus and keep my energy on tasks that matter. All these things are small but have made tremendous impacts on my day-to-day routines and made me far more productive and healthy.

And it can be contagious…I got to visit with my family this weekend and just asked if anyone wanted to take a quick walk…45 minutes later we had kid-free chats and some bonus steps for our day…win-win!


Half an hour from Austin, find a water-focused wellness retreat.

Call this self-care summer camp: At Lake Austin Spa Resort, a 40-room, adults-only retreat 30 minutes west of Austin, the activities list is long, and the spa-treatment menu is even longer. Guests check in for wellness-focused, fitness-minded experiences – many of which revolve around the resort’s eponymous body of water – that range from classic favorites (yoga, stand-up paddle boarding) to Goop-esque pursuits (a floating meditation session in the pool with a soundtrack of Native American flutes).

The food is healthy, but not horribly restrictive (there’s wine!), and the shabby-chic cottages, many with outdoor soaking tubs and gardens, exude calm. Lake Austin champions the Blue Mind philosophy that spending time near the water is essential to sustained happiness – in the late summertime, when Texas temps are still high, it’s a good rule to live by.

T4T Perks include all meals and activities and a $100 resort credit.