THe thirsty traveler

TOO BUSY TO PLAN YOUR NEXT BIG FAMILY TRIP? Join the club!  Family travel can be challenging to say the least – and I speak from experience! I come from a big family. We’re loud, and at times we’re crazy, but we love to spend time with each other. So big family trips are something we […]

Want to hear how my week has been going?   My kids have been back in school for less than 2 weeks and already we have had 1 home with a cold for 5 days and 3 home for 3 straight days due to their school’s air conditioning being broken…I can’t even make this stuff […]

We finally did it! My amazing group of friends from the University of Dayton were able to pull off a 3 day get-together!   See, we are all right in the middle of raising small kids, running households, working, volunteering and caring for our aging parents so to say it is difficult to find a […]