Pack Your Patience!

August 25, 2021

Want to hear how my week has been going?


My kids have been back in school for less than 2 weeks and already we have had 1 home with a cold for 5 days and 3 home for 3 straight days due to their school’s air conditioning being broken…I can’t even make this stuff up at this point!


But parenting and traveling in this COVID-era has taught me to always be flexible and try my best to be patient…it can be really hard some days.


Trying to make the most of having the kids home, I decided to book passport appointments for them so I wouldn’t have to pull them out of school because passport appointments are only available from 9:00am-2:00pm?!?


Coffee-fueled and practicing deep breathing, we took 4 small children to the Post Office this morning to ‘sit still’ for an hour long appointment. I was highly optimistic that I was as prepared as I could be…well that was silly!


Much like everything these days, the passport appointment went sideways real quick and my husband and I went into triage mode to be able to get all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted on all of the paperwork times 4 within the allotted 1 hour timeframe. Oh yes, and trying to get small kids to not smile but not frown in a passport picture is painstakingly hilarious!


Thankfully, we feel good-ish that we got everyone’s birthday’s and birthplaces correct but I’m preparing myself for anything these days!


So my advice is simple…pack your patience daily, be prepared and CHECK YOUR PASSPORT to make sure it isn’t up for renewal! 


Many countries will not even allow you to enter if your passport will expire in 6 months AND passport processing time is now 18 WEEKS and still 8-10 WEEKS even if you expedite!



Of course you do!


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