Cheers to Great Friends!

August 11, 2021

We finally did it! My amazing group of friends from the University of Dayton were able to pull off a 3 day get-together!


See, we are all right in the middle of raising small kids, running households, working, volunteering and caring for our aging parents so to say it is difficult to find a date that works for everyone is an understatement.


We brought all of our families to a huge cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio and cooked fantastic food, played hundreds of yard games, hiked and most importantly caught up with each other and laughed.


I feel so lucky to have this incredible group of friends and to have been able to spend time together with them and their beautiful families was priceless.


Do you have a group of friends in mind that you would like to reconnect with? Think you are too busy to pull it off?


Let me tell you that it CAN happen, you just need planning and someone to take charge…or you can hire me! 



1) NAPA, CALIFORNIA – I adore this region for many reasons beyond its ability to produce unbelievably good wine. The ambience of California’s wine country is low key, relaxing and all about sitting back and enjoying fresh farm-to-table food, wine and good company!


2) SKIING – Taking on the slopes with a group of friends always makes it that much more enjoyable. Plus, I love that people can split up based on abilities and then rendezvous around the fire pit at the bottom of the mountain.


3) SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – You cannot beat this spa & golf mecca making it a perfect escape for couples or a girls/guys only trip. Add on shopping, hiking and sensational dining and you have a one-stop shop to please everyone!