THe thirsty traveler

We have wrapped up yet another fantastic school year and shifted right into summer mode. Which means an extra hour of sleep in the mornings (yay!) and a mix of summer fun at our neighborhood pool, backyard barbeques and you guessed it…travel! My goal for my family this summer is to RELAX. We get so […]

No truer words have been spoken…#ThisIsMay Especially if you live in Indianapolis, the home of arguably the largest single day sporting event in the world…the INDY 500 ️️ From checkered flagsused in every decoration possible to custom built Kindy 500 cars for each and every Kindergartener all the way to our JW Marriott (pictured above), […]

Happy May the Fourth Be With You and National Travel Advisor Day! I want to take some time to talk about National Travel Advisor Day and give a shout out to the entire industry as they have been among some of the hardest hit from the pandemic. Travel Advisors worked their butts off to get […]

Spring of Deception…