May 18, 2022

No truer words have been spoken…#ThisIsMay

Especially if you live in Indianapolis, the home of arguably the largest single day sporting event in the world…the INDY 500 ️️

From checkered flagsused in every decoration possible to custom built Kindy 500 cars for each and every Kindergartener all the way to our JW Marriott (pictured above), the month of May is big fun here in Indianapolis!

In our household, it is insanity this time of year between wrapping up the school year and spring sports season all while getting ready for the fun of summer ☀️but I continue to be grateful that we are able to celebrate these moments in person yet again!

We are working hard on our very own Kindergartner’s Kindy 500 car…care to guess the theme? Hint: it started off all ducky but then we turned to the dark side

Pics to follow @thirstyfortraveldesigns



At Thirsty for Travel Designs, we go beyond what a traditional travel agent does and we aim to help our clients experience the local culture during their travels.

During our client calls, we really try to zoom in on how the client likes to travel, their interests and even their dislikes. You may think we are asking ridiculous questions, but we are simply trying to learn the unique characteristics of each of our clients so we can provide a unique and perfectly matched vacation.

Travel is personal, everyone wants and expects different things out of their trip and that is what we focus our attention on here at T4T. We work hard to provide a beautifully customized itinerary for each of our clients.

So, when we recommend a tour or excursion, no one size fits all because it might not fit the bill for everyone. That being said, I love to suggest possibilities that even the most astute traveler may not have thought of.

Stay tuned to learn what our Top 3 Tour Recommendations are for FLORENCE!