The Summer Olympics are Here!

July 28, 2021


TOKYO 2021

Despite being delayed a year due to the pandemic, the Tokyo 2020…neh, 2021 Summer Olympics have arrived! We have been tuning in nightly to watch the world’s best athletes compete and root on Team USA!


We are constantly reminded of the tremendous toll that this pandemic has had both mentally and physically on not only these Olympic athletes but on every global citizen. How relatable were the individuals riding on  stationary bikes and treadmills during the opening ceremonies?  


Yesterday, the world was stunned when Simone Biles stepped aside in the middle of the team gymnastics competition. None of us can understand the immense pressure and stress that she has faced and I have the utmost respect for her to be able to stand up for herself and say ‘not today’. AND to stand right next to her teammates and be their biggest cheerleader while millions of people were analyzing her every move…bravery! 


What a phenomenal example she has set for us all, especially all the little girls watching, my daughter included.


#TeamSimoneBiles all the way!



In pursuit of our own athletic endeavors – whether that’s training for a triathlon or finally learning the proper backstroke form – we’ve gathered a few hotels where travelers can channel their own inner Olympian. 


These hotel programs offer guests the tools and support to work toward their personal best; throw in some dreamy island locales and plum post-workout amenities, and we think they all deserve a spot on the medal podium.


Click here for the list of the 5 hotels where you can train like an Olympian.