Pura Vida of Costa Rica 🏝️🌋

September 20, 2023

Katie DeShano, Founder of T4T, at a Tico (or Costa Rican) style picnic set amongst the organically grown fruits & vegetables of a local farm.

Costa Rica

Freshly back from our trip to Costa Rica, we came back rested and recharged. And we cannot stop dreaming about the ceviche at that Tico picnic…yum, yum!

Why should you care that we went to Costa Rica (other than serious FOMO)?

These trips may seem like a vacation (and parts of it certainly were) but this was definitely a work trip. We had a jam-packed schedule filled with touring close to a dozen hotels in three very different regions of Costa Rica. We work hard to find the best accommodations for our clients and touring properties allows us to see which hotels are the best fit and meeting with the hotel management helps establish beneficial partnerships.

 In between all of the hotel visits, we sure did squeeze in some fun. We got to go zip-lining, tour the hanging bridges, take a gorgeous boat ride across Lake Arenal & so much more. We gained priceless insight on the best tours available in each region, logistics and insider tips that you can only acquire from traveling with a tour manager who has been in the business over 20 years. 

Only a handful of advisors were selected to attend this Educational Tour of Costa Rica and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. And we wouldn’t be able to pull off these amazing trips without the assistance of our suppliers and let me tell you from personal experience…they are spectacular! 

We cannot wait to pass on our knowledge and experience that we gained to help plan our client’s travels to this wildly popular destination. 

Here are the top reasons why 

We 💖 Costa Rica:

🌋 Adventurous

🧘‍♀️ Wellness-Focused

🦥 Stunning Wildlife

😊 Amazing People

🌴 Relaxed & Authentic

Heck, we loved it so much, we are already planning our return trip (and that’s saying alot!)

Concierge-Level Travel

In travel, it is easy to get mesmerized by pretty pictures and tantalizing destinations but that is not at the core of why our business was founded. What we specialize in at Thirsty for Travel Designs is what we like to call “Concierge-Level Travel”.

So what exactly is Concierge-Level Travel?

Think of it as elevating your travel experiences

Take our trip to Costa Rica for a great example: 

While in the Arenal area of Costa Rica, we had the opportunity to take a privately guided tour of the Hanging Bridges. Now, you can certainly go to the Hanging Bridges on your own and walk through the trails and have a nice experience because you may never know any different. 

However, because we toured the Hanging Bridges with a private guide, who was also a Wildlife Expert, we had an entirely different and elevated experience. 

Before we even got into the park, he had us off the beaten trail looking under leaves for the elusive Pit Viper Snake. He had an eagle-eye for spotting wildlife while we were in the park that we would have otherwise walked right past. Pictured above is our guide setting up his telescope to show us an up-close viewing of these animals. I cannot explain the difference in viewing wildlife through these telescoped lens..it is spectacular. 

The Red Eye Leaf Frog pictured above is about the size of a quarter and we would have never been able to see it. However, you get a postcard perfect view from our guide’s telescope. 

And trust me when I say that people noticed, many people (without a guide) would stop and ask our guide questions and try to peer over our shoulders or listen in when he was telling us why this certain leaf was shaped in this particular direction. 

Private tour guides take a rather normal tourist attraction and make it spectacular through storytelling and education. Bonus – they also know all the best photo ops and even take your picture for you (pictured above is our guide climbing a structure to get us just the right picture)…now that is Concierge-Level Travel!