Time For A Refresh

August 16, 2023

New Website…Sneak Peek

Late nights & early mornings have been poured into this new pet project. And we are in the final stages of putting together our brand new website. Phew!

We are so excited for the refresh and cannot wait to launch it…so stay tuned as we will announce the official launch via social media.

Why the refresh? Frankly, it felt like it was time for not only a website update but also a new outlook on our business. With the huge increase in demand, we discovered quickly that we needed to pivot. As natural people pleasers, we were trying to be everything for everyone and it was not only overwhelming but unsustainable as a business. 

Even in the midst of chaos, we took a step back and got crystal clear on who our ideal client is and why we are a good fit for them.

With our new website launch comes a new re-brand as well:

Thirsty for Travel Designs, the boutique travel agency for travelers seeking:

💫 Experiences over things

💫 Uniquely memorable over mass-produced

💫 Authentic over only-scratching the surface

And they want to save the time & headaches that come with crafting a vacation that dares to paint outside the lines. 

We are so excited to focus our time & attention on the clients that best align with our above values and truly be able to enhance their travel experiences.

While we wish that we could assist with everyone’s travel needs (because we know how overwhelming it can be out there!), it does not serve us or our clients with being mis-aligned.

Cheers to the new (and improved) Thirsty for Travel Designs!

Sample Family Itinerary


10 DAY

Sometimes it is difficult to put into words what we are able to do at TFT. You almost have to experience it first before you truly understand what we are able to do to elevate your travels. We are confidant that once you have experienced this type of concierge-level travel that you will be hooked (just ask our repeat clients!). 

Take a sneak peak at what we were able to put together for a recent family who wanted to experience Japan and all it’s splendor.