Our top gifts for the traveler in your life (or to add to your list 😊)

December 1, 2021


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My sister-in-law hosted all of us at her house in Dallas for a fun-filled holiday. We did our typical family traditions of eating too much, playing lots of games and staying up too late talking and enjoying “holiday spirits.” But we also experienced a lot of new traditions.

A big group of adults and kids ran in the local Turkey Trot race on the morning of Thanksgiving. While I had run in a Turkey Trot before, we had never taken the kids and it was hilarious to see how each of them handled the race. With my kids being super competitive (about everything), coupled with the fact that they just wanted to get it over with so they could have ‘real fun’, they all sprinted to the finish line. Needless to say there were some disappointed faces when we discovered that there were no actual race results…it was only a fun run!

Another new and very Texan tradition was celebrating our Thanksgiving day and meal on a ranch. We rode ATV’s & horses, played football, ate delicious smoked turkey and even did some line dancing. We all had so much fun celebrating the holiday in a new spirit!

But coming home, it is full steam ahead on to the next big holiday…Christmas!

If you are like me and do 99% of your shopping online these days, then you will love my below list of our top travel items for a quick and easy gift for any fellow travel lovers.



#1 – SHOE BAGS: Does anyone else hate when you are packing your dirty shoes and they are touching your clean clothes? Well, if it bothers you as much as it does me, then you must buy these.

#2 – TRAVEL MUG: Water or wine…I always have a drink in my hand and nothing keeps those poolside drinks cooler than a Yeti.

#3 – JEWELRY ORGANIZER: I got one of these as a gift many years ago and it is my go-to gift for any woman. Simply put, I’m not sure how I traveled with jewelry before owning one!

#4 – BLANKET SCARF: Coming from someone who is always cold – especially on an airplane…you need this! I love anything multi-purpose when traveling and this fits the bill.

#5 – COLLAPSIBLE BAG: I may be nicknamed the “Bag Lady” (that’s a story for a different day) but I do believe that you need a wide variety of bags when traveling. These Aloha bags are perfect as they are collapsible, easy to store when not needed and water resistant with lots of zippers to keep things safe.

Hope this helps check one thing off your mile-long To Do list…’tis the season!