Godmother to the Emerald Luna!

July 27, 2022

Our host agency, Gifted Travel Network, was abuzz last week when one of our very own, Vanessa McGovern, was christened Godmother of the Emerald Luna in Amsterdam, Netherlands (pictured above).

Vanessa is our Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Gifted Travel Network and is a huge advocate for the travel advisor, the travel industry as a whole and the importance of establishing valuable relationships with our suppliers.

A cruise ship’s Godmother is typically selected to bring good fortune and protection to the vessel…Bon Voyage to the Emerald Luna on it’s inaugural sailing down the Rhine River!



Your River Cruise sailing may be impacted by rising/falling water levels of the river.

While, it is unlikely, it is something to be made aware of. With river cruises growing in popularity, it is important to understand that a schedule can be impacted by water levels.

The River Cruise provider’s preference is to sail the published itinerary and they will do everything possible to make that happen. However, safety remains their top priority and rest assured that they have plans in place should the local authorities temporarily halt river traffic on any portions of the rivers.

Generally, when high/low water levels hit, the River Cruise Providers will have the following three options:

  1. ALTERNATIVES: These plans may include alternative docking locations, modified shore excursions as well as ship swaps, if necessary.

  2. MODIFICATIONS: Complete the itinerary as far as possible aboard your ship, and then transition to hotels (on the company’s expense) to complete the remainder of your itinerary.

  3. CANCELLATION: This is the by far the rarest option, and only exercised when no other options are available.

That is why it is of utmost importance to make sure you are working with a fully-vetted River Cruise Provider. Our trusted partners have dedicated communication teams in place to notify us immediately if our client’s itinerary is impacted and to assist with any changes that may be required.

As the Pandemic has taught us all…the key is FLEXIBILITY!