Fall’s last hurrah!

November 3, 2021


Have I mentioned that I ♥ Fall?

I know, I know but it is the best time of year IMO and we have been busy cramming in all of the fall activities: pumpkin patches, college football games, festivals, trick-or-treating and loads of candy!

But it seems like the temperature dropped overnight, which is why I had to write one last tribute to fall because ‘winter is coming’.

Scroll down to see which emerging destination is becoming a top Fall travel pick for travelers…here are some hints:

You know I love a theme…

Halloween would be extra SPOOKY here…


Get it? The one and only Transylvania…home of Dracula’s castle

Romania is quickly emerging as one of the top fall destinations and it’s easy to see why. For travelers who are looking to discover somewhere new and off the beaten path, this under the radar European gem is perfect!

Want to know how I recommend to explore it?

Click here for an incredible 13-day itinerary which includes a 7-day River Cruise down the Danube + a 5-day Rail trip through the heart of Romania, including a tour of Bran’s castle!

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