2024 Top Travel Trends ✈️ 🧳

January 18, 2024

Unpopular opinion here…but I love January! 

Fresh starts, clean slates and new beginnings evoke a refreshing outlook for the new year. Plus, I personally love having a little downtime after the holidays to spend evenings by the fire and focusing on self-care by going to bed earlier and consistent workouts (because frankly, there isn’t much else going on).

Professionally, I love January because we are deep in the trenches of travel planning for 2024. This year is off to an incredible start and we love that our clients are coming back to us for more trips AND telling their friends about us. As a small business owner, this means the world to us, so thank you!

Here are a few travel trends that we are seeing for this up and coming year:

🌍 Off the Beaten Path – Clients are going beyond the top destinations this year in an effort to explore more unique places and avoid the crowds. Travelers are looking for more authentic experiences over top sightseeing visits. 

🌍  Steady Does It – 2022 and 2023 were unquestionably the years of “revenge travel”, where post-Covid attitudes caused an enormous surge in travel. 2024 is predicted to be more steady in demand and inflation (thankfully!).

🌍 Cruises – They are back and better than ever…more cruise lines, more itineraries & more unique destinations. We are loving the variety of cruise options available for our clients from expedition cruising in the Arctics to luxury small ship vessels allowing our clients to explore lesser known destinations. 


If you have already explored the famous trio Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar, then it’s time to expand your horizons and embark on an adventure that will show you a different side of the country. Let’s start with the islands and make our way up the coast, shall we?


Croatia’s highest and third largest island is also the closest island to Split. Did you know that, back in the day, every island in Central Dalmatia was referred to as Brač 1st, Brač 2nd, Brač 3rd, and so on? The island is famous for its marble, a beach that changes shape depending on the wind direction (the amazing Golden Horn Beach, one of the most Instagrammable locations in Croatia), and its historical findings going back to the Neolithic era. Today, this island welcomes you with fantastic properties such as Lemmongarden and Puteus Palace and a plethora of immersive experiences that will connect you with the history and culture of this authentic Croatian destination.

DUGI OTOK (or “Long Island” in English)

This serene island off the coast of Zadar is the ultimate off-the-beaten-track destination for luxury travelers looking to disconnect and recharge, and its stunning property Villa Nai 3.3 will provide the perfect blend of relaxation and immersion in the natural landscape as well as a gateway to 3 national parks and one park of nature. Dugi Otok is blessed with some of Croatia’s most pristine beaches, including Sakarun Beach, a paradise for sunseekers. Its fine white sand and shallow turquoise waters create an almost Caribbean-like atmosphere.


Nestled amidst the azure waters, lies a gem that has long remained a well-kept secret: Losinj Island. Its coastline is a tapestry of hidden coves, secluded bays, and pristine beaches that beckon sunseekers and water enthusiasts. Losinj island is renowned for its commitment to preserving marine life and the Dolphin Educational Center allows visitors to learn about these magnificent creatures and join eco-friendly boat tours to observe them in their natural habitat. Foodies will also love this island since the local culinary scene is a wonderful fusion of Mediterranean flavors, Italian influences, and continental Croatian cuisine. Some of our favorite properties on the island include Boutique Hotel Alhambra and Hotel Bellevue.


Move over Dubrovnik – Istria is the new star of Croatian travel experiences! Though very well-known to European travelers for over a century, the Istrian peninsula has slowly been gaining popularity in the North American market over the last few years. This year-round Croatian destination will welcome you with its Ancient Roman sites, rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, truffle hunting opportunities, and picturesque medieval hilltop towns such as Motovun and Groznjan. Rovinj is perfect for travelers seeking a blend of history, culture, great restaurants, and memorable properties such as Grand Park Rovinj, the design-forward Lone, or the charming heritage Spirito Santo Storico Hotel while those looking for an authentic and upscale stay will opt for Meneghetti Wine Hotel in Bale or the San Canzian Village and Hotel in picturesque Buje. Istria is also the perfect Croatian destination for those who want to continue to Italy (Venice is only 2.5 hours away with either a car or ferry) or to Slovenia.