Top Travel Take-Aways from a Travel Advisor…

December 20, 2023

Fresh off an incredible trip to Italy with my husband, we are busily preparing for the holiday season. 

Our trip was a perfect mix of business and pleasure which had us tasting our way through Emilia-Romagna, experiencing some of the awe-inspiring sights as well as meeting with local suppliers and hoteliers. 

Throughout my travels, I am constantly trying to think and experience things from my client’s perspective – always trying to improve how we relay information and educate you, the client. Over time, I have noticed a few consistent themes: 

🌍 Go when you (physically) can – Travel is physically exhausting and many of the top sights require you to walk long distances, go up and down a multitude of steps and take on cobblestone roads. Mobility is something that we often take for granted so don’t put off that bucket list trip any longer…go when you can! 

🌍 There is never an ‘opportune’ time – Take it from a mom of 4 who owns her own business…there is never a good time to go away. Schedules are jam-packed full of activities and childcare is not for the weak of heart (thank you Grandmas!), but trust me when I say that it is always worth it.  

🌍 Reconnect – Travel allows us to step away from the day to day grind and reconnect with both ourselves and our travel partners. My husband and I were able to enjoy long, un-interrupted conversations, truly taste and enjoy each of our meals and most importantly have fun. Simple things that we take for granted but truly allow you to connect with someone on a much deeper level. 

🌍 Try to go during the off season/shoulder season – While it may not always be possible, we cannot recommend this enough. As travel advisors, we love to travel in the off season, mostly because we have fewer clients traveling and our workload is lighter. But it has opened my eyes to the huge benefits that off-season travel can offer. Not only does it allow for fewer crowds and cooler temperatures (typically) but rates are significantly lower and availability is high (we got upgraded at every hotel – yay!)  Was Tuscany at its most scenic in December? No, but we were able to experience walking through each tiny village of the Chianti region as the only tourists in sight! Trade-offs 😊


Let’s reflect on the incredible travel year that our clients had in 2023:




We love helping our clients take amazing vacations and feel so grateful for all of our success and growth in 2023 💖

Wishing you & your family the merriest during this holiday season…see you in 2024!