You had me at Mystery Cruise!

April 19, 2023

Spring Break with my Crew

Wow, it is incredible to think that we are over halfway through the month of April already…where has the time gone?!?


After Spring Break, our family dove straight into Spring Sports Season…so if you are looking for me (when I’m not working of course), you can find me on the soccer, lacrosse or softball fields


But from a travel and business perspective…just wow! We are blown away with the surge in demand and requests from new clients. And when repeat and referral clients come through…that is our biggest compliment as we know that we have showed you what our small yet mighty business is all about. 


And speaking of mighty, we have some big news to share…


Thirsty for Travel is hiring!

The position will start as a Part-time position with the ability to grow to Full-time. We are focused on finding the best fit for our team so we would love your help in spreading the word. 


If you know of anyone that is looking for a new & exciting opportunity and you think would be a great fit, please have them reach out:


All About:


Freshly back from our first ever River Cruise, we are just day dreaming of when we can get back…but more on that to come later! 


The best word that I can use to describe River Cruising is EASY. The River Cruise companies do everything in their power to make the whole process and experience simple and seamless for the traveler.


  Boarding and check-in was a breeze! 


Preplanned & included in-destination excursions…you pick what fits you! 


Relaxed & intimate atmosphere


Pre & Post stays are all part of the planning process


Plus, the River Cruise companies have certainly stepped up their game and are getting very creative with THEMED RIVER CRUISES…there is something for everyone!


Here’s just a sample of some THEMED RIVER CRUISES:














And my personal favorite…


⚓MYSTERY CRUISES…surprise itinerary included!


What’s your favorite theme???