We’ll let you in on our little secret…

January 12, 2022


Since it’s a new year, we wanted to start fresh and take a moment to re-introduce ourselves and what we do (in case you haven’t been following us from the beginning):

We like to think of Thirsty for Travel Designs (T4T) as a modern-day twist on the traditional, brick and mortar, travel agencies from the 80’s…I’m picturing the Americans…anyone else?

With the evolution of the internet and DIY travelers, the old-school travel agents found themselves unnecessary as everyone can book it themselves. Sure, you CAN book vacations yourself…if you want to be like everyone else and take the same trips everyone else takes.

At Thirsty for Travel Designs, we saw an opportunity to go far beyond a traditional ‘booking agent’ and truly take the time and commitment to get to know our clients and learn how to create a unique and fully customizable travel experience fit for them and no one else. We take ordinary travel and make it beyond your wildest dreams!

We have access to fully vetted, luxury suppliers that specialize in cultural immersion, safety and creating one-of-a-kind adventures. The itineraries are hand-crafted based on our consultations, not a google search and you can rest assured that T4T and our suppliers have your back while you are traveling.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that vacation time with your loved ones is too precious these days to spend it taking ordinary, generic travels.



Are you ever curious how some travelers always seem to get the upgrades and the VIP treatment when checking into hotels?

Well, let us spill the beans on a little travel industry secret…they either 1) spent an insane amount of $$$ with that hotel and are regulars or 2) utilized a Travel Advisor who was able to pass on the VIP perks.

Let me give you some perspective…T4T is part of a luxury consortium, called Virtuoso, who has The Best of The Best Hotels in the industry, hands down! The Virtuoso network covers over 1,400 world-wide hotels – all of which come with VIP perks when you book using a Virtuoso Travel Advisor.

Now, you add in all the Hyatt & Marriott hotels and that is over 2,000 hotels world-wide that we can get you some kind of VIP perk at.

VIP perks vary based on property but typically include:

✔️Room Upgrade Eligibility

✔️Free Daily Breakfast for 2 at the hotel restaurant

✔️Early Check In/Late Check Out

✔️Dining, resort or spa credits

And the best part…all of these VIP perks come at the same rate that you would pay if you were booking yourself.

So, feel free to contact us if you want some VIP treatment at your next hotel stay…we won’t tell anyone our little secret