Face Your Fears

February 9, 2022

Last week, I took a trip with several of my girlfriends to Southern Florida to visit another one of our friends.

While we were unlucky to be traveling during an extraordinarily cold spell (like coldest it has been in 10 years ) this group of Midwesterners didn’t care. We laughed until our cheeks hurt, we talked (uninterrupted by children), we ate & drank and had an amazing time.

I think it was a trip that everyone needed…just a break from the normal and a time to unwind and hang out. I feel so lucky to have this group of friends as it can be hard as adults to take the time and energy to begin and maintain friendships.

We are all so busy in our day to day lives, that it can be difficult to carve time away from our families to travel together. This is our second trip and we are hoping to make it an annual thing as it is so good for our souls!

Now to the picture…you may be surprised that it was my great idea to climb the Jupiter Lighthouse seeing as I am terrified of heights. I knew I wouldn’t like it but I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to let my fears ruin my fun. Everyone laughed (including myself) as I climbed the stairs with two hands on the railing the whole time but I kept putting one foot in front of the other (and not looking down).

When we got to the top, it was very windy…which never helps so I was hanging on to the wall like it was my best friend – but I did it and we all had a good laugh about it!



Have you ever heard of GALENTINE’S DAY?

This February 13th non-official holiday, was created by the hilarious Leslie Knope of Parks & Recs fame. And we think it’s the best fake holiday around!

In the ‘GALENTINE’S DAY’ episode, Leslie gathers all of her girlfriends on the day before Valentine’s Day at the local breakfast spot for some waffles & friendship.

Jumping on the bandwagon…here are some GALENTINE’S DAY inspired plans:

Keep it Simple – we are all super busy but ain’t nothing waffles & coffee can’t cure. Meet your friends at the local breakfast spot and make sure you channel your inner Donna Meagle.

Treat Yo Self – take the whole day and plan it out for you & your girlfriends: mani’s & pedi’s, shopping, lunch, more shopping, Happy Hour then off to a fancy restaurant to celebrate in style…you know you deserve it!

Go Big – plan a trip…where to? Our favorite gal pal trips are to Las Vegas, Scottsdale or Austin.

Cheers to friends!