Best Job Ever!

March 9, 2022

My husband and I were lucky enough to get away for a few days last week. Every year we try to set aside some time away together despite our very busy lives. We have decided to make it a priority even though I am usually regretting our decision about one week prior to our departure due to the insane amount of work that I must do to prep for a few days away. However, once we are away…I am forever grateful! Time spent reconnecting with your spouse should never be underestimated – even if you don’t think you need it…you will always be thankful. We had so much fun just getting to do whatever we wanted – we played tennis, we snorkeled, we took a sailboat out and we slowed down.

At our first meal at our resort, I instantly noticed how quickly we rushed through our meal – stuffing our faces and slugging back our drinks…ready to move on to the next thing. All of a sudden, I knew we needed to SLOW down. We had forgotten to taste our food, talk, relax and truly enjoy mealtime. With small children, we rush to get the meal prepared, everyone served and by the time we sit down half the table is done eating. Right then, I determined that was our goal for our time away…to slow down. It is especially hard for me – running a business and a family has made me always ‘on’ and planning for the next thing. But sure enough, after a few days, I remembered what it was like to relax and it was more needed than I ever could have imagined.


Of course, I couldn’t escape to Travel + Leisure’s 2022 Destination of the Year without doing some recon for my clients. We had the privilege to stay at Club Med Cancun for our time away. I fell in love with the Club Med atmosphere after visiting several of their properties in the Dominican Republic so when we pulled into the long driveway in Mexico…it made me smile and feel like home. Club Med is not for everyone (no property is) however, they are always welcoming, friendly and never pretentious which is one of my top reasons for loving it.

Club Med Cancun has 374 rooms and has one of the most unique locations in Cancun. It is situated on Punta Nizuc at the tail end of the hotel zone with almost 360 degrees of stunning ocean views. The water on the hotel zone side has a huge beach with stunning ocean blue water calm enough to swim in…the best water I’ve seen since St. Lucia. On the other side of the peninsula is the world’s second largest coral reef area which is perfect for snorkeling, sailing, kayaking & paddle boarding right at the resort.

There is an adults-only section called Jade which has more spacious and recently renovated rooms with its own private pool and designated beach area. The newly developed building on the property is the Aquamarina section which is the family section of the resort. These rooms are all oceanfront with unobstructed views and steps to the beach. They are large enough for 5 people and can be configured to even sleep up to 6. The Aquamarina has a dedicated pool and is very close to the water activities to keep the kids entertained.

There are 3 dining options and a multitude of bars to choose from. There are a plethora of activities for you to choose from – all included. Our favorites were archery and tennis but we also loved watching people do the trapeze work…somehow we ran out of time to try it ourselves!

To top off the Club Med experience is the nightlife! You really do have to experience it to understand the culture and livelihood. Everyone is dancing from the staff to the little kids with a different theme each evening.

Team Club Med here!